So you’ve finally did it, you figured out what that 1 idea is going to be. You’ve quit your job and now as a newfound entrepreneur you will sell that product or service that everyone needs. Hmm clients, where to find clients. One of the most asked questions especially beginning entrepreneurs ask me is “where do you get your clients?”. I’m assuming nine out of ten times in a casual network setting this question actually means: “I have no clue how to find clients for my business”. It’s a totally legit question though, every entrepreneur has gone through that at some point. Here’s some help for you my new entrepreneur friend!

Actually the answer can be answered in multiple ways based on what it is you sell. I feel most strongly about this answer, it has done well for me: Think of ways to let clients find you instead of looking for them. Don’t spend any energy at the start in any kind of hunting strategy.

At this time you should also be certain there is an actual need for your product/service. If you are still uncertain of wether there is actual need, take a step back and do some simple marketing research (i’ll explain later in another blogpost). When the ‘need’ is found and your idea actually fills it, continue to the clients.

Start with the client: How do they interact with their environment. Where do they hang out? A club? Facebook? Google? Make a list and divide them into 3 groups. Group 1 are the needy, they crave your product. Group 2 like your product but like competing products too. Group 3 are indifferent, they might want your product, but sometimes they don’t. I know, you can probably identify 10 subgroups, but simple is the way to go at start. In a second round with more time and preferably staff on your hands you can still expand the group.

Alright now in all of the three groups, put the environments back in play and give them numbers with 1 being the highest. At this time you have to choose. At start you won’t have budget nor time to cover more then 2-4 of your selection. You can’t network, instagram, fb update, reddit and blog when you’re also having to run a company by yourself. Trust me it, takes great effort in just 1 platform to fill-up any pipeline. Choose wisely and go for it fully, don’t do everything half because in business competition will wipe you out.

Alright lets assume you got your FB feed and network as a choice and you’re getting your first leads. Awesome! Let’s assume the concept of your product/service is also viable enough also to make a sale. Now here is where you can really make a run in your growth..

There is no better seller then emotion. Emotion creates ambassadors and ambassadors create word of mouth. I beat many big companies at the shortlist, why? Simple, 75% of the time i’ve been sent there by someone with a pleasant experience with me. He/she ‘felt’ the real care and effort going into their project. In such a way this ambassador referred me. Move people, engage with them, get to know them. It’s why a MacBook sells and what even is an UltraBook?

Important to note is never to use a discount to create ambassadors. You see this doesn’t create ambassadors but instead you get cheapskates and/or fakers (you know the kind that are actually just thankful for the discount, not because the service was good). Never compete on price unless your aiming for the mass public and to be the cheapest like a low budget gym or the cheapest banana’s.

If you focus on creating emotion and consistently delivering it your tiny 1-2 pipeline focus is well enough to keep up with and go big in the first year.

Good luck! Let me know what YOU think below!