Intuition in business, also referred to as having a ‘gut feeling’ is the best advisor you have. Learn more about it in this advanced level entrepreneurship post.

Intuition is something I feel is in all of us. Learning to use it by actually making a decision based on intuition is something valuable to learn.

It separates the good from the great. The ability to not follow reason and even at times against reason. A great example is hiring new staff or finding a freelancer to do a job for you. I too have been tempted to make long-ass hiring processes with multiple long tests. Sure it will have a decent ratio of hiring quality but you are also likely to miss out all rough diamonds or a superstar just because of poor work history or a crappy resume.

Unless you are a multinational in which you need to find the HR guy that knows how to hire by intuition, tests really don’t make too much sense. How do you test if someone has the goodwill factor in sales and how do you test likability?

Now for all who outsource HR to non-management level staff, in my opinion this is a mistake. You or and HR person with the intuition hiring ability needs to be involved or quite frankly you are missing out on the gems. I really don’t care a bit about BS resumes or schools, I want to know where you want to go with the job and what you want out of life. The skillset ok = all good, the rest will follow. You really don’t need 5 languages and 2 degrees if you only use 2 languages. Reason will tempt you to go for that resume-star, which will do a decent job. But trust me, try choosing the under qualified candidate that feels like a good person, likeable, you’re almost tempted to goodwill into the job and has good ambition and you’ll have a loyal rockstar in your team. You gave trust to them and they will repay that.

So ok sure, make sure the skill ability is ok, but trust your gut for the rest. Your team is what makes your company and what set’s you apart from your competitors.