Forget the 30 or 40, getting 35 is your real life milestone. On average mortality rates versus my poor health choices, I’m taking 70 as goal lifespan. Any healthy years over 70 I’m seeing as a gift. Though I would love getting 100 healthy, chances of just being lonely and crippled with health problems is just to big to calculate those years in. I do not intent to end my life at 70, I’m just stopping any planning or goals after that. It’s actually not a bad idea to set a goal as it should change your current day to day life. Wanting to become 80+ healthy, would have you trade in current day-time hours. Extra time spending time making shakes, going to the gym or meditation to slow down aging.

Having set a life goal at 70 the realization of getting 35 tomorrow, is obvious that I’ve just reached the middle of my life. Jeej I made it so far!

The looking back.

Looking back at myself with the current knowledge, not for ego matters, but for sharing useful knowledge. What’s my opinion about me in the past? And can I help you in your current -35?
I love how I never ceased to stop learning from people or the world coming into my senses. Though from a school’s perspective I might not have been a typical good student, i think i do have a street degree in filtering and storing usable, practical knowledge from a seemingly unusable event or class. I challenge you too, to never close your mind, to keep all senses open.
Just because someone makes rules, tells you there are borders to what you can do or achieve and even your body tells you this is a limit; you CAN’T. I challenge you to explore both sides of the borders and take what you need from the experience. Take a leap and be a pionier always, never a follower. Maybe ‘unusual’ makes your thrive! You have still got half your life ahead of you and great news: you CAN!

Halfway: current times.

For me it took me to reach 33-ish to realize I was getting old. I’m okay with getting old now. Tough I have to admit I’ve been blessed with young looks and can still have a lot of fun tagging along with 25-ish-ers still passing on as one of their own to soften that blow ;). It’s a welcome escape sometimes, in the world of people figuring out what is coming for them and joining them in their thoughts. But as my appearance and socially acceptance on that matter will change, it was important for me to have accepted age. In present day age doesn’t scare me, just as death does not. I think for this reason for all accepting age is important.

I have no kids and I’m single at the moment. When I was younger and envisioned my future me as someone that is 35 with no kids or relationship, was probably a very unlikely scenario. I like kids and I’m a relationship guy though my recent year may suggest otherwise. However looking back from 35 having no kids and no relationship is probably the most likely scenario. Responsibility, Ambition and Independance had their say on my path. It gives me great expectations for the future. My current self has still so much to learn about future self.

I’m in such a happy positive state of mind in current times! I wish the same for you, yes even you haters and negative people, hope when we meet you can feed of my energy and happiness :). Hey ‘it’s my birthday i can cry if i want to’, or just be F happy man ;).

The future: Byebye mohawk, hello bald spots.

I think the future for all should be not to lose touch with the previous essence of being young. Inevitably, like all, I will be exposed to more and more cynicism, responsibility, loss and saying big goodbyes like to a parent or a dream. Though you can never prepare for new emotions and new kinds of hurt, it’s good to take care of yourself and make sure you are in a good spot when it comes. I think its a mindset, and a mindset is a choice. Get into control of your mindset too if you are not, don’t look at others for it.

Last week during a mental training day someone jumped me with a big-ass question out of nowhere. He got the jump on me and I primitively quickly responded without filter. I guess something that came from the hearth, that I answered as a current me looking to future me. I’m going to put the question here and challenge you to do the same. No questions just shoot in the answer in your mind.

“What is you life ambition?”

I hope you answer it just as profound as I did…

-The end! Yup, will leave you hanging here, be sure to ask me when you see me!

Happy Halfway Birthday to me!