2015 the year of patience and learning.

Living abroad in Vietnam and getting used to a culture far from European has in every sense been very enlightening. On a lot of area’s for the Vietnamese local people we are nothing less then time-travellers coming from the future with an ability to predict the future. And they are right too, we actually can, just because their path looks the same as ours a decade ago. On just as much area’s however not being ‘exposed’ by their inevitable future selves was very humbling to see. Seeing what people used to do and what being social is all about. Where people work more in teams and collectives then depend on one unicorn with impeccable skills. Where not everyone aspires to become that one unicorn, which creates the individualistic society we have.

Consequently a lot of patience was needed and a lot of learning, revising strategies and working on myself. One of which was learning to wear the patience hat a lot. At times very difficult coming from a dog-eat-dog world. Patience mostly with myself. I’m proud to say i didn’t shy away from any confrontations with myself which at times lead me way out of my comfort zone. It was at times an incredible journey to the inside. Sometimes this lead to spikes in my emotions or being confused and confusing. A person not feeling welcome, leaving without getting a goodbye, or just a goal not met, I hope I have done you no wrong or forgive me if I did, but I know you will, as people around me carry the same positive heart with good intentions, I feel only love for you all.

Now the 1st year of living abroad has passed, the dust settles and the learning curve shallows, I feel more energized, stable, confident and at ease as ever. I look forward to the new year where I can utilize my new skills and lessons learned. I also look forward to the new lessons and to seeing you, my friends, on this path again.

I hope the new year will treat you ALL good.

I’m all-in 2016, I CAN wait.

Happy Hackin New Year! – We are one!